Cracks - Music from The Julie Cycle released on Bandcamp. All tracks released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. This release came with the following “liner notes”:

“Music composed for and inspired by The Julie Cycle by Poltergeist Theatre Project. Re-ordered and re-constructed to try to reveal the heart song inside of me that gave birth to these compositions.For each song, I've written some companion free verse, which you can read in each song's description. You can read the entire companion verse at the end of these notes (click "more...")

I am releasing this album on September 8th, 2019, because I believe it is ready to stand on its own as a piece. My hope is that it will be a living album. I hope that other artists will find themselves inspired to improve or expand upon some of these songs. When a song changes due to such a collaboration - spontaneous or planned - this album will be updated to reflect it. Follow the progress of the living album here - https://www.louislagalante.com/cracks-living-album-history

The Julie Cycle is a theater piece that challenges us to do the hard work required to break the cycles of abuse that we all find ourselves been caught in. I believe that such work takes many forms, and one of them is collaborative artmaking. "Cracks - Music from the Julie Cycle" is an honest expression of my heart, an invitation to collaborate, and (I hope) a useful tool in the collective effort to transcend the broken world we've found.”

Memetic joy, dimly recalled:
Burning fires &&&&
Selves unbridled

Yearly once and never more

I know and I know and
I always know

What we ought
Is what I'm not

Seeking the cell
Of a fuller, truer self

Impossibly tired



No lower

No longer


We rise and we rise and
We always rise

It's not what we want
It's just what we must

Here below the lowest heaven
Seated right where we rose
Held, as if with tender hand,
In comfortable repose

Tranquil comfort suddenly cold
What was new, now very old

The gentle prince sleeps above
the world's unquenchable fire
Eyelids kissed by rosy crimson light
bleeding into starry-eyed dreams

The furious princess stands below,
the world's betrothed, older than fire,
Arms outstretched and ready to fight,
their bleeding her starry-eyed dream


A dying light, purely human, floats between,
shining upon the greedy world around,
Submitting itself first to be consumed
before seeing — finally, truthfully, freely...

To shine brightly upon others
Illuminates the world from without,
Robs the light of its own shine

But to shine brightly, completely,
For others to see and maybe touch,
Illuminates the world from within, and
Robs the darkness of its home inside


Cracks - Music from The Julie Cycle posted to SoundCloud as an EP. Does not feature “The Healing Place” or “Scurrying Away”


“Yet Unbroken”, a compilation of prior compositions evoked by the themes of The Julie Cycle, is released on SoundCloud featuring the new composition “Starry / Eyed”